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By train
By free bus
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3-32-5 Akebonocho,Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0012


・15 minutes walking from Tachikawa-Kita station of JR Line or Tama Kita Monorail
・Tama Kita Monorail,5 minutes to take a free bus from Tachikawa-Kita station
・SeibuRailway,10 minutes to take a free bus from Tamagawa-jōsui station

By train

新宿からTACHIKAWA Velodromeまで約52
川崎からTACHIKAWA Velodromeまで約70
八王子からTACHIKAWA Velodromeまで約25
小平からTACHIKAWA Velodromeまで約21

By free bus

From the bus stop of the Tama Kita Monorail 「Tachikawa-Kita station」 west side, and the bus stop of the south exit of 「Tamagawa-jōsui station」 by SeibuRailwayFree bus is available on the event date of the home court(inside the court)and on the day of off track betting.

Free bus stop at Tachikawa-Kita station

Departure from Tachikawa-Kita station

Departure from TACHIKAWA Velodrome

Tachikawa-Kita station

Between 9:55 and 15:00

5-6 buses per hour

Between 9:55 and 15:00

5-6 buses per hour

※The last flight time is slightly different depending on the time of the event

Free bus stop at Tamagawa-jōsui station

Departure from Tamagawa-jōsui station→TACHIKAWA Velodrome Departure from TACHIKAWA Velodrome→Tamagawa-jōsui station
10 00 30 50 10 30 50
11 10 30 50 11 00 30 50
12 10 30 50 12 00 30 50
13 10 30 50 13 00 30 50
14 10 30 14 00 30 50
15 00 15 20

※Three buses are available after the final race is completed

Guide Map

「TACHIKAWA Velodrome」 in Tachikawa City, Tokyo is the birthplace of the Keirin Grand Prix.

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1 Main gate
2 Special stand ticket office
3 KDreams booth
4 KEIOKAKU velodrome Mutual payoff window booth
5 Voting main build
6 Special stage
7 North Gate
8 Second stand
9 Main stand 
10 Large TV
11 Bank
12 Cyclist lodging
13 Back stand
14 Reporter building
14 Shimin No Mori Park

Keirin Guide(external link)

Details of [Rules] and [Ticket purchase] of the Keirin are available on the official website of KEIRIN.

Keirin Guide